Thursday, March 13, 2008

Diane And The Can Of Squid (4 of 5)

I considered taking the squid home for a meal
but I am not really a strange food kind of guy.
Four bucks. I could buy the squid and not worry why
but I’ve never been one for an impulsive deal.

My most seductive fantasy and the most real
was to buy the can, dump the squid and watch them dry
as punishment for how they made me miss my try
at chatting with Diane. That was my vengeful zeal.

I considered, also, buying the squid but not
by paying Susan but rather taking the can
and paying for the squid at Diane’s register

but I bet even Paris would say, “That’s not hot!”
bringing together these topics, squid and Diane,
without, say, seventy verse lines as magister.


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