Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Diane And The Can Of Squid (2 of 5)

The service manager had the pink can of squid
because a customer had tried to buy the can
but when the checkout girl got the barcode to scan
no price showed but an inventory record did.

Susan, the service manager, checked a price grid.
She asked how, exactly, the label’s wording ran.
“‘California Girl,’” I read, helping with the plan.
“‘California-style Squid.’ I’d guess two bucks,” I bid.

Diane was looking at me from across the store.
I wanted to put down the can and talk to her
but the can held me, now, tighter than I held it.

Susan found the price. She said, “You guessed two bucks? More.”
I was hooked on the can like a fish on a lure.
“It’s three forty-nine,” Susan said. “Want to buy it?”


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