Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Diane And The Can Of Squid (3 of 5)

Across the store all the checkout girls were busy.
Diane was at her register, now, a long queue.
I’d blown my chance to talk to her that day I knew
but the can of squid was still making me dizzy.

I wondered if Diane was going to miss me . . .
“Want it?” Susan asked. “Is the can some kind of clue
to a grocery mystery you’re trying to work through?”
Susan knew me. “Or have you finally gone crazy?”

‘California-style’ squid via Peru and Greece.
I wondered what made the squid ‘California-style’ . . .
I wondered at everything I was wondering . . .

The geo-commerce of the squid trade, if you please.
Had Diane been thinking about me all this while?
Should I buy the damn squid? My thoughts were floundering.


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