Monday, March 10, 2008

Diane And The Can Of Squid (1 of 5)

Diane was in from college and working part-time
at the grocery store. I stopped in to say hello.
She was bagging, not checking, because things were slow.
I got hijacked, however, by something sublime

before I could say hi. New, not covered by grime,
a strange can at the service desk put on a show.
I waved to Diane but walked to the can’s odd glow.
A pinkish can of squid. Diane. There was no rhyme.

Some Greek importer had sent the shipment of squid.
‘California Girl’ was the brand name on the can.
The label said it was a product of Peru.

Though canned, these squid were swimming, now, deep in my id
and surfacing, too, to interfere with my plan
of chatting with Diane working the grocery crew.


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