Monday, May 01, 2006

Tina At The Window

Tina got up and walked to the window.
The darkness outside reached in and touched her.

Kennedy said in a free, democratic society
artists are not engineers of the soul.

Tina went out and confronted the darkness
where sharp things flashed and cut the moonlight.

Ruskin said all that is good in art
is the expression of one soul talking to another.

Tina died in the night. Her blood sprayed out
a blacker shade of red than the darkness.

Cézanne said there is a logic to color
that is logic but not the logic of the brain.

Tina died. We watched. And we watch again,
excessively aware of Tina dying, again.

Barzun said genuine learning ends
with a forgetting that leaves one possessing new power.

Tina went to the window to look outside.
We look outside, too. To learn. To forget.

Cézanne said nature is more depth than surface.
We stand with Tina, and fall into that depth.

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