Monday, May 08, 2006

The Other Way Of Making A Frankenstein’s Monster

The other way of making a Frankenstein’s monster involves
just as much work but of a different nature from robbing graves,
stitching together bits and pieces of various people
and then running electricity through the mess. That way, true,
you get something human-shaped and animate, something useful
in its own way. But why put up with all that grubby work when
a more clean, white collar methodology can generate
an equally Promethean product? Start with a whole man
or woman – a real, fully functional guy or gal – and take
away bits and pieces, disable prime aspects one by one,
until you transgress some strangely attractive basin, until
you negotiate some dark, fractal-assed cusp that separates
that which obviously is from that which is not really so.
Each way creates a lump that works. The second way, however,
frees you from grave robbing and tiresome sewing. And the only
electricity you use the monster buys. To watch TV.

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