Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Approaching Loch Ness 2: The End Of Fashion

… So, that’s why we’ve come to the end of fashion. Today, a designer’s creativity expresses itself more than ever in the marketing rather than in the actual clothes. Such marketing is complicated, full of nuance and innovation – requiring far more planning than what it takes to create a fabulous ballgown, as well as millions of dollars in advertising. In a sense, fashion has returned to its roots: selling image. Image is the form and marketing is the function.

Teri Agins, “The End Of Fashion

Scientists are always asking new questions, probing for additional facts, and seeking to learn more. Among the scientists’ key questions and basic data is their aim for a better understanding of man, his origin, his relationship to the animal kingdom, and the animals’ origin. Every time a new species or a new variety of animal is discovered, more light is thrown on these questions.

Roy Mackal, “The Monsters of Loch Ness

(Coming tomorrow: Ashley And The Green Sweater)

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