Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Is Love? 8—Mandy Moore’s Guitar Case

In this cool photo of cool Mandy Moore
she’s wearing her guitar like a backpack.

That backpack arrangement for her guitar
is called a “gig-bag” and is popular
with younger musicians. I’ve never seen
Keith Richards or Jeff Beck wear their guitar.

When I was first starting guitar lessons
students had soft cases and hard cases
and the consensus was that hard cases
protected guitars more than soft cases.

Soft cases cost less. The social divide
among young players many years ago
was that working musicians who played gigs
could afford to buy the best protection
for their guitar so they bought a hard case
and students and less successful players
got by with an inexpensive soft case
because they didn’t get money from gigs.

In the way of the world now soft cases
are called “gig-bags” and working musicians
now cultivate an image of hipness
of being an independent artist
not answering to a corporation
by getting photographed with a soft case
a fashion statement now called a “gig-bag.”

At first I thought guitars must feel safer
with a hard case protecting their tuners
those six little knobs that set string tension
at the pointy-end of the guitar’s neck.

Then I thought maybe guitars feel more loved
being strapped up against a player’s back
and maybe getting extra attention
from the player to protect their tuners.

I don’t know. And I’ve tried to think this through
for years. That photograph is five years old.

When it’s not in use a soft case folds up
and is easy to store just on a shelf
but you have to find space for a hard case
even if there’s not a guitar in it.

I don’t know. And I’ve tried to think this through
for years. That photograph is five years old.

I asked my guitar and my guitar said:

If you play me forever and never
put me down the issue just goes away

Love is a mystery. Although guitars
have one answer. And it’s a good one too.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I remember seeing that photograph
when it first made the media rounds.
I really have been thinking about it
for something like five years.
I found the photo now at an old blog post:

Mandy Moore: 'It' Girl Turned Hipster Chick
at bauergriffinonline.com


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