Friday, April 12, 2013

This Business Of Looking For Dinosaurs

There are a couple of stores around here
that sell DVD’s for about five bucks.
They’re general merchandise stores not stores
devoted to entertainment business.

Five bucks for a movie means that movies
are a disposable commodity
to the business world decision makers.

The magazines nobody buys cost more.

I guess soon enough nobody will buy
movies. They’ll die like magazines and books.

"Our mass conversion to a digital and cloud-based society is picking up steam and impacting DVD / Blu-Ray, consumer products and distribution to say the least," says Gomez. "It makes sense to move people around as a result, or to even cut staff. We last saw this at the studios not long after DVD sales peaked earlier last decade."

Jeff Gomez
Media Analyst
quoted in Here's Why Disney Is Cutting
Jobs By The Hundreds

by Kirsten Acuna
at Business Insider, 4/12/13

I wonder if there are times, I wonder
if there is a kind of daily rhythm,
people in the donut shop parking lot
could take advantage of when driving out?

I wonder if there are times, I wonder
if there is a kind of daily rhythm,
someone might notice if they pause to check
before driving out through the back exit?

I wonder if there are times, I wonder
if there is a kind of daily rhythm,
where if you time it just right you drive out
onto unpaved ground where dinosaurs walk?

She looks around because I am turning
before we have gotten to the corner.

I enter the donut shop parking lot.

“Are we going to get donuts?” she asks,

“No,” I say. “We’re just taking a short cut.”

I drive to the back of the parking lot.

She points. “The street is right there. This isn’t
much of a short cut. What are you doing?”

“We missed the traffic,” I say, “coming out
of the parking lot by the restaurant.”

I stop and study the exit ahead.

She looks at me. She is studying me.
She sees I am looking at the exit.

“Oh my God,” she says, and bursts out laughing.

I drive forward out of the parking lot
onto the side street where we would have turned.

She is still laughing. “Were you looking for
dinosaurs?” she asks. “Did you try to drive
into the donut shop lot and time it
so that you would drive out through a time warp
leading to the time of the dinosaurs?
Does it make you sad that something you wrote
didn’t work out to be true in real life?”

“It didn’t hurt to try, did it?” I ask.
“And wouldn’t it have been fun if it worked?”

She is still laughing. “No, it didn’t hurt.
And if it had worked I don’t know if ‘fun’
is the first word that would have come to mind.”

I smile and look at her as I’m driving.
“From here,” I say, “it looks like you had fun
even though my time warp scheme didn’t work.”

She won’t look at me now. She says, “Hurry
and get home. I have to use the bathroom.”
She won’t look at me but she’s still laughing.

Looking for dinosaurs can be as fun
as finding them. I think it’s something like
art work. I mean, looking for dinosaurs.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Five Parking Lots And I Wonder

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

As I type this, it is late Friday night. All day the internet has felt slow and erratic to me. And people at some corporate sites have told me their equipment was feeling strange, too.

I haven’t seen any news sites cover this—at least as I type this—but various technical sites are now discussing that a very well organized and very large scale internet attack happened today.

Apparently there were at least two phases (or more, if the attack is still happening).

First many different Wordpress hosting sites were attacked. Then those infiltrated sites with high-bandwidth servers were coordinated for use in other attacks.

I don’t know what the ultimate goal of today’s attacks is believed to have been. I have heard some technical types say they have additional information they don’t want to share online yet. So I bet we’ll be reading more about this over the weekend.

One way or the other.

What a funny coincidence that Business Insider does an article talking about the widespread practice of giant corporations to shift media life into the so-called “cloud” and that very day the cloud itself gets attacked.

Clouds were more fun when they were just clouds.

But then so was everything else!

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