Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dumpling Kaiser #2: Dumpling Rising

I’m thinking of somebody walking

through an alley. I don’t think gender

is a key to this story, at least

not as I’m imagining it now.

The person can be male or female.

As the person walking approaches

the end of the alley they walk past

the rear wall of a convenience store.

Before the person walking can turn

the corner and start around the store

they see something moving in the sky.

The person stops walking and stares up.

Rising like an impossibly large

or an impossibly close full moon,

pushing upward from behind the roof

of the convenience store, is a head.

It’s a giant head against the sky.

The giant head looks like Britney Spears

and is staring down at the person

standing behind the convenience store.

At this point there’s a conversation

between the person in the alley

and the giant head to establish

two plot points: Although the giant head

looks like Britney Spears she is really

Dumpling Kaiser; And she is using

physics of wave manipulation,

interference and reinforcement,

to focus her image and her voice

on the person’s retinas and eardrums

directly, so no one else could see

or hear the giant head in the sky.

And at this point, by hook or by crook,

they get to the meat of the story.

(Tomorrow: Dumpling Kaiser #3: Jack And Jill)

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