Friday, March 16, 2012

Pop Music: Woman As Reporter

Hey, look, a couple of teenagers are parked out on some deserted road late at night in southern Illinois. They’re necking. These things never end well. These two particular kids, in fact, are about to get eaten by giant grasshoppers.

Things don’t turn out much better for a scientist who tries to figure out the mystery during the day. One of the grasshoppers gets him, too.

But somehow the story never ends well for the giant bugs once the Establishment gets after them. That thing Fox Mulder called the military-industrial-entertainment complex operates on economies of scale that make giant bugs look like, well, insects.

scenes from Beginning of the End

The reporter is a woman
and the news is giant insects.
The scientist helping inspects
wreckage through which the big bugs ran.

A giant insect eats the man.
Another scientist reflects
on his own research. He suspects
his lab is where the bugs began.

It’s like a deeply flawed love song—
The man is after redemption.
The woman’s just looking for news.

The giant bugs try to be strong
and stay true to their conception
of folk music based on the blues.

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