Friday, February 24, 2012

Naming Things: Hippie Girls And Monsters

The monsters do their best
Ripping apart the world
To keep us together

Look— That’s my Sony Discman. It still works.

I was listening to Joni Mitchell
from a CD in my Sony Discman
while watching “It Came from Beneath the Sea”
from a DVD but the Sony thing
that plays DVDs isn’t a ‘Discman’
in fact it doesn’t have a name at all
it just says ‘Sony DVD Player.’

I wonder why Sony stopped naming things?

That’s Joni Mitchell’s “Court and Spark” CD
in the picture with my Sony Discman.

The movie and the album both have names
and all the songs on the album have names
but the giant octopus wasn’t named
like Godzilla or Mothra or King Kong.

Seems like everything’s better with a name.

Anyway so the giant octopus
was wrecking San Francisco’s waterfront
and Joni Mitchell was singing folk songs
and I thought that made a better soundtrack
for the movie than scientists talking
to Navy tough guys about torpedoes.

Nowadays the Navy has torpedoes
that modify their boundary layer
so they can travel under the water
at many hundreds of miles per hour.

The music business doesn’t mass-market
hippie girls singing folk songs any more.

I was listening to Joni Mitchell
while watching “It Came from Beneath the Sea” —
To me that’s like a documentary.

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