Thursday, September 07, 2006

Joni Mitchell And King George #1: The War On Terror

Joni Mitchell was the king of England

who was later known as Mad King Joni.

English settlers in North America

rebelled to replace Mad King Joni’s rule

with a hierarchy embodied in

a legislature, judiciary

and presidency. Mad King Joni died.

All humans die, even empowered ones.

Prometheus gave fire, not ambrosia.

The hierarchy that took the place of

England’s Mad King Joni is still alive.

Hierarchies get to drink ambrosia.

Also alive is the dichotomy

of empowered humans and hierarchies.

The non-West world empowers humans and

the West empowers its hierarchies.

Hierarchies always pump up the noise

when madness takes an empowered human.

That stuff makes the hierarchies look good.

Of course, the hierarchy that replaced

England’s Mad King Joni may be mad, too—

the legislature, judiciary

and presidency obsess on parties—

but the hierarchy isn’t aging

and the hierarchy will not die soon.

Hierarchies get to drink ambrosia.

(Tomorrow: Joni Mitchell And King George #2: An Epistemology Of Empowerment)

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