Monday, September 25, 2006

Free Energy! Light Without Heat! Lifts And Separates! #1: Grandma Laura

I don’t even know if Grandma Laura
was a scientist or businesswoman.
Heck, I’d always thought she was a singer.
I think, however, even as a kid
I knew she had done some kind of spy stuff.

No one in the family talks much about
the family’s past. And no one talks at all
about Grandma Laura. But I miss her.

It wasn’t until I got to high school
that I connected her disappearance
to the whole glowing bra and spy business.
I guess I always just had imagined
she had gone off on a singing tour and
met and married a guy somewhere far off.

I’m still convinced today that whatever
caught up with her she would have seen coming.
She somehow would have got out of harm’s way.
I think she disappeared to stay safe, not
because the Paperclip Nazis got her.

After all, I know she didn’t create
what I as a child called the glowing bra—
what fringe-types call the Nazi vortex bra—
alone. In Germany there was a group
with contacts that helped her get to Detroit.

Talking to me, she just said she had ‘friends.’

When I learned they helped in her first escape
from the Paperclip Nazis I figured
they must be powerful friends. She even
stayed openly in Detroit after that,
even sometimes wore the bra while singing.

I have no idea who her friends were
or what kind of connections they maintained.
I wish they had been powerful enough
so she wouldn’t have had to disappear.

But she hasn’t disappeared from my mind.
In fact, she had specifically asked me
to remember some of the things she said.
And I’ll always remember what she said
about how the Nazi vortex bra worked.

(Tomorrow: Free Energy! Light Without Heat! Lifts And Separates! #2: How It Works)

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