Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dinosaurs And Hippie Girls Is A World

Q: Why did the hippie girl go home with Beethoven?

A: When she heard that at home he had eighty-eight keys, she thought he could supply her with joy for years!

I’ve always suspected the dinosaurs
want to come back to enjoy chasing us
and, more to the point for them, eating us.

Do hippie girls want to come back and draw
flowers on their cheeks and create a movement
to throw away cell phones and computers?

Dinosaurs and hippie girls is a world
where Beethoven could come back to a bar
and play acoustic piano for tips.

Joni sat in with us during the second show and we improvised a thing that was really good - ending it with her singing 'Duke of Earl'. She came on stage, we did a few chords for her and she started reciting this poem: 'Penelope wants to fuck the sea...' — Quote attributed to Frank Zappa

from the Zappa Wiki

There is an alternate history
of this Joni Mitchell
meets Frank Zappa story
available on the internet.

yeh, i was at that show when mitchell improvised a tune about a girl who wanted to fuck the sea. while she tried to be ethereal and haunting, zappa made the band alternate 2 monster chords a tritone apart at an ominous largo tempo. mitchell looked a little thrown by this and glanced over at zappa, as if she wasn't expecting him to lob her a curve ball.

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