Thursday, March 22, 2012

Noises In The Darkness Like A Melody

Today was a parking lot day for me.

I started in the lot by my dentist
then drove over to a grocery store
and then drove to a nearby library
and finally to an arts and crafts store.

From the library I wanted a book
about astronomy published in France,
but there was some senior citizen group
meeting at the library and their lot
was full. I couldn’t get a parking spot
so I skipped the French astronomy book.

The arts and crafts store had the same old stuff
so I didn’t buy anything from them.

At the grocery store I got some cash
but the lines were so long I decided
to skip it and try again tomorrow.

So the only place that really worked out
was my dentist. I had no cavities
and my teeth are freshly cleaned and x-rayed.

And the receptionist had a story.

I was telling her about Wisconsin,
where some people are hearing strange noises.

She gave me a funny look and told me,
“It’s strange you’d tell me that because last night
I heard weird noises out in the back yard.
Not loud booming noises, but little knocks.
I actually went outside to look
but I didn’t see anything banging
in the wind or hanging from the gutters.
And now you tell me there’s an entire town
where the people are hearing strange noises.
Spring is just starting and things are so weird,
what a summer this is going to be.”

Noises in the receptionist’s back yard.

I didn’t hear unusual noises
in any of the parking lots today
but I saw a lot of cars and who knows
if all the cars we see really are cars.

I mean, something’s out there making noises.

Spring is just starting and you hear stories
talking to the dentist’s receptionist.

I made it through the parking lots. This time.

Noises in the darkness
Like a melody, “Come and see
If you can see

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