Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Sketchbook Page With No Sketches

There are twenty-four different pencil colors
in the Derwent line of pencils called Graphitint.

Twelve come in the small tin. To acquire the others
you have to buy the full-size, twenty-four tin set.

Along with white, these are the eleven colors
that aren’t included in the small, twelve tin set:

Along with black, these are the eleven colors
included in the tin with a dozen pencils:

These are graphite pencils. They can be smudged, erased.

They can be worked like a simple drawing pencil.

And they can be brushed with water to flow like paint.

All the colors capture the subdued, glowing hues
a watercolor painter achieves with careful
application of the mixed-pigment paint, Payne’s Gray.

As a medium, dry colored pencils often
are used for detailed, realistic renderings.

So far as I know, water-soluble pencils
haven’t yet established a canonical style.

It’s the unknown. It’s the wild you hold in your hand.

It’s the wild you hold in your hand and think about
and you turn it into the opposite of wild.

This is the start. A sketchbook page with no sketches.

I’m going to try giving this sketchbook some thought.

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