Monday, July 18, 2011

Too Beautiful To Comprehend

Can’t you just feel the Moon shine?
Ain’t it just like a friend of mine?

Sunday morning I had some stuff on my mind and I was walking through a parking lot thinking. Not the parking lot where I saw the cool birds or the pretty wild flowers. And not the parking lot where I once saw a fox. This was a different parking lot. Anyway. So I was walking, thinking, not really paying attention to the world around me. I was thinking about people I used to know. Suddenly a grasshopper flew up away from my feet in front of me, flew to the side and landed on a concrete divider. That got my attention and for better and for worse I’m the kind of guy who stops to look at bugs so I stopped to look at the grasshopper.

It was an orange grasshopper!

I’ve seen grey grasshoppers and green grasshoppers and even bright yellow grasshoppers, but I’ve never before seen an orange grasshopper.

This orange grasshopper was friendly enough to let me walk around him or her and get some photos.

I don’t know a lot about grasshoppers. I think this was a type of grasshopper called a “Carolina Locust” or “Carolina Grasshopper.” Despite their very specific name, they are wide-spread and appear in many different colors.

It might be something else. But my first thought was that it was a “Carolina Locust” and—of course!—I was immediately gone. Even more so than normal.

In my mind.

Hello, thank you, yes I see you and think about you
and I appreciate you making this trip for me.
The Carolinas mark the western edge of the sea
called the Bermuda Triangle. I wouldn’t argue

with anyone who said the mystery isn’t true
and everything can be explained. I’d even agree.
I’m glad you’re here anyway. You know I want to flee,
know I need a triangle to disappear into.

I wish you could collect me and take me back right now
but you’ve already done more than enough. You’re a friend.
I have energy. I hop around a lot myself.

I’ll get from here to there—I mean chemistry—somehow.
That girl’s flute song is too beautiful to comprehend.
I’ll be along. After I put this book on a shelf.

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