Saturday, October 09, 2010

Endymion Still Loves Selene

The Moon is back in the evening sky.

I’d hoped to get a picture of both the Moon and Venus. Visually I was able to see both of them with my 10x50 binoculars. But by the time the sky got dark enough for me to get photographic separation between the sky and the thin crescent Moon—only 7% illuminated!—Venus had gotten lost in the ground clutter.

This is one of my favorite kinds of astronomy photos. I like juxtaposing foreground scenery—man-made and natural—with elements from the heavens. A lot of media images of the stars are taken with either wide-angle lenses or telescopes, and the viewer almost never gets an idea what something looks like with the naked eye, the actual real-life scale of something. If I get the time and opportunity, I’m going to try to do more photos like this.

I was thinking this kind of wraps up my sequence of posts about Selene and Endymion, but as I type this it occurs to me that in a few days the Moon—much more fully illuminated—will be passing Jupiter. That might give me a chance to try another photo like this, with trees or a building in the foreground and the Moon and Jupiter in the background. I’ll have to setup my tripod for that, but it would be a fun image to try and capture. Okay, this doesn’t wrap up my Selene and Endymion sequence, not quite yet. I’m going to try to do one last post, in a few days, which will be a photo of the Moon and Jupiter. If the sky cooperates, and the imaging technology and my abilities cooperate.

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