Thursday, August 12, 2010

True, Ugly, Ravished, Lost

You ravished child of God, true, ugly
No lips to mourn Arcadia lost
No skin that won’t curl and fall like leaves
Forever cold, forever man-shaped
Forever gone from human passion
A landscape, empty, a sky, empty
A waste, a constant woe, could you speak
Would you just curse, or curse and say, too
Life is corruption, corruption life
That’s all till God’s fire eats corruption

Ode To An American Zombie

Milla Jovovich wants to kick me
George Romero wants to film me
David Hockney wants to paint me
Giselle wants to wear me
Ted Nugent wants to hunt me
Pat Robertson wants to save me
I’m your zombie dog
Just tell me you still love me

Zombie dog, I’ll always love you
You're a friend of mine
Together we’ll face your life anew
Zombie dog, it’s true
Zombie dog, I do
I love you

Quasi Una Zombie Fantasia

The basic zombie plot is very different from the basic plot of most horror films, and most films in general.

At their most basic, almost all plots are mysteries that people solve. Something happens. The hero or heroine attempts to figure out what happened and who is behind it. Then the hero or heroine attempts to figure out how to put things right. Personality and character are tested and revealed by how the hero or heroine figures out what’s going on and how he or she makes things right.

Zombie films are wildly different. Zombie films begin with the hero or heroine in a bad situation. Then the situation gets worse. Then the situation becomes still more horrible. Finally the situation becomes grotesquely unbearable. Personality and character are tested and revealed not by how the hero or heroine figures out things and solves things, but rather by how he or she reacts when confronted with the escalating chaos and hopelessness engulfing their world.

The Basic Zombie Plot

The Macondo Well has all the earmarks (based on current response, length of time to drill the relief wells, high pressure hard cap designs/fabrication) of being a super high-pressure blow-out that is into the Earth’s mantle. The “red oil” that is being seen floating on the GOM surface could be from the Earth’s mantle (Where is the chemical signature for this oil after 70 days?). If this well had only been in the range of 14,500 psi well bore pressures, we would have already drilled the relief well and sealed it off (by day 40 at the latest, with 7,000 barrels of mud). However, since this has not happened, one can assume the situation is in a transition of going from very bad to worse ...”

BP Hard Cap Installation,
and Plausibility Arguments
Regarding Major Well Bore Problems
with Relief Wells

Dr. Stephen A. Rinehart
July 05, 2010

True, ugly, ravished, lost, you zombie,
the planet is catching up to you.

I’ve thought about the ethics of this.
At least, you know, the folk song ethics,
in my pretend zombie dog love song.

I thought, someday, I might animate
a story to go along with that.
I didn’t think I’d ever wonder
if the folk song ethics would apply
in a hyperrealist fashion
to more than a pretend cartoon dog.

I’m kind of glad in a romantic—
that’s to say hopelessly romantic—
sort of way the planet’s catching up
to you and will keep you company.
I once held the dead branch of a tree
and felt it crack between my fingers.
I watched it collapse and turn to dust.
The hyperrealism of that
happening to you maybe is ‘art’
but unlike the cartoon adventures
of a friendly pretend zombie dog
I can’t imagine what would be fun
in watching as you fall to pieces,
in watching as you crumble to dust.

I’m glad you’ll have the whole world with you
and you’ll never have to be alone.

Because I do not know how or where
but I know that when the dust settles
somehow I will figure out a way
to be playing lost songs somewhere else.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat

More Than Color

The Occult Technology Of Lost Songs

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