Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prehistoric Sharks In The Atlantic?

Recently reports surfaced about dead seals being found in Scotland with very strange wounds on their bodies. Scientists, in fact, don’t know what killed the seals. Or so the press is reporting.

Scientists investigate seal deaths from mysterious injuries

Scientists, reports say, have explicitly eliminated shark attacks as the cause of death.

The mystery of mutilated seals: “... Professors have so far eliminated sharks, tidal power generators and ordinary boat propellers from the list of suspects — but they have no idea what else could have caused the injuries.”


But what are people talking about behind the scenes?

That’s where things get interesting.


A well-established scuba diving blog here in America, Shark Diver, reported on the dead seals in Scotland. They point out that for something like ten years there have been similar seal deaths along the East Coast of America.

Mysterious 'corkscrew' kills dozens of seals on east coast

And, in fact, just last year writers from Shark Diver talked with a marine biologist, Dr. Peter Klimley, about strange seal deaths along the coast of Canada.

Mystery Shark - Sable Island Canada

They don’t report Dr. Peter Klimley’s exact speculation, but they tease it by saying, “The question then, "What was doing this to these seals?" The usual suspects were quickly ruled out, killer whales and white sharks. This according to Peter, was another kind of shark altogether, or was it?


Another well-established US blog reported on the seal deaths in Scotland. Loren Coleman is probably the most famous cryptozoologist alive. If there are rumors about unusual sharks in the Atlantic, Coleman would hear them. If people are gossiping about unusual shark activity, Coleman would know it.

And Coleman just did a post on his cryptozoology blog where he doesn’t tease but asks the question outright:

Megalodon Slicing Up The Seals?


What a cool question!

Sharks from Atlantis?!

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