Friday, February 26, 2010

Planetary Colors And The Grail Quest

She has a blue bra she calls ‘Earth blue’
and a scarlet bra she calls ‘Mars red.’
“That one’s ‘clouds of Venus white,’” she said
when I held up a white bra. “I do

have a black bra, ‘space black.’ I’ve no clue
what to get next,” she said. “If I head
to Uranus, Neptune—blue. Busted.
Mercury, Pluto, have no real hue.”

I said, “Jupiter and Saturn each
have their own unique shade of ochre.”
“Yes,” she said, “but would anyone know?”

“Hidden mysteries,” I said, “hide and teach.
No cat always purrs when you stroke her.”
“I’ve learned,” she laughed, “from this cosmic show.”

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