Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful And The Damned, Emo And The Glammed

Photo Beauty gets attention
Then her eye paint’s running down
She’s got a rose in her teeth
And a lampshade crown
One minute she’s so happy
Then she’s crying on someone’s knee
Saying laughing and crying
You know it’s the same release

Joni Mitchell, People’s Parties

One reason to play alternate tunings
on a guitar is to get different chords
out of the same old finger shapes. The hordes
don’t want to bother with tricky new things

if a trivial twist they can do brings
different sounds from the wires on their fretboards.
Maybe their brains are pining for the fjords
but they strum what the glam girl in school sings.

The laughing boys and girls like glamour, too,
perfumes and colognes smell better than sweat.
And the laughing young dudes want to belong.

But they want to fit with a different crew,
a thought, belief, dream, maybe never met.
The laughing kids hear and play a jazz song.

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