Wednesday, November 25, 2009

“Good Little Naked Mole Rat”

This is a scene from the old Disney show, “Kim Possible:”

Kim is petting Rufus and saying, “Good little naked mole rat.”

This scene is from the season one episode, “Bueno Nacho.” Kim took a job at a fast food restaurant because she needed to make money to buy a new jacket, the green one in the picture above the cheese machine.

I didn’t watch the first few episodes when the show was in its first run. But when I saw this scene in a commercial there was something about a beautiful girl petting a rat and saying the words, “Good little naked mole rat” that grabbed my attention. I tuned in and fell in love with the show.

The first season was great. Most of season two was good. Things started getting less good in season three and I find season four to be unwatchable. But that happens a lot with TV shows. Production teams change. Shows change.

But iTunes carries all four seasons of Kim Possible. You can buy just the episodes that are good. I recommend all of season one. Then check out the episode guide at Wikipedia for seasons two and three and get episodes that sound good. There’s nothing from season four I’d buy.

This is good stuff. I’m trying to forget some bad stuff. So I’m watching a lot of good stuff. Even if it’s not real, pretend good stuff is better than real bad stuff.

Kim Possible is good stuff.

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