Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Destination Of The Moth

1 — A Moth At Night

Bright city lights shine
against iridescent wings
of a moth at night,

above the buildings,
below the constellations,
flying to someplace

the moth at night knows
but city lights and star light
can never reveal.

2 — A Girl Who Likes Clouds

A girl looks at clouds,
watches the clouds slowly move
and she takes a step

and the planet Earth
slowly turns under her feet
as she slowly moves

watching the clouds move
and the universe rotates
around her watching.

3 — Writing

A pencil draws shapes,
the shapes form into letters,
letters into words

and something like love
draws words into sentences
about a moth, clouds

and a universe
that rotates around a girl
and writing and love.

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Angeline said...

I like this.
More importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!