Thursday, October 11, 2007

Communicating The Arts Of Brittany Murphy

Okay. Today’s post is a little screwed up.

Today’s post was supposed to be a kind of part one/part two thing with tomorrow’s post. It still is, but it just won’t be as cool as I’d hoped it would be.

My plans started earlier this week when I was looking through the new (September/October ’07) issue of Communication Arts magazine. They have a cool article on the ad firm Modernista! with a lot of the firm’s work. One of the samples was a GAP print ad featuring Britney Murphy.

[And I have no idea how her name is spelled. The GAP ad spelled it as ‘Britney’ and Wikipedia spells it as ‘Brittany.’ Your guess is better than mine. All I really know about her is that she was GREAT in the movie ‘Cherry Falls’ and in real life she has had a lot of fiances.]

But back to the Modernista! GAP ad with Brittany in it.


Very cool. I planned on grabbing a copy of the ad from off the web somewhere and posting it today, and then tomorrow talking a bit about Communication Arts magazine.

But the ad doesn’t seem to exist anywhere on the ’net, at least not as indexed by Google or Microsoft Live.

I even checked out Modernista!’s GAP Gifted page and they don’t have it as an active image any more.

Oh well.

So. Anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll have something to say about Communication Arts magazine (and a few others). Check out the current issue on page 72 for a very cool pic of Brittany Murphy.

In the mean time, here’s a cool Brittany Murphy pic I did find today:

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