Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Skeleton of "Alien Mutilation" Horse ...

Skeleton of "Alien Mutilation" Horse at Center of Custody Battle

by: Erin Ryder, Staff Writer, [The Horse.com]
December 2006 Article # 8380

Everyone in Alamosa, Colo., suddenly wants Snippy, reports The Denver Post.

The skeleton of Snippy, an Appaloosa mare that was the first animal reported to be "mutilated by aliens," was to be offered on eBay last week with a starting bid of $50,000. But as word of the auction got out, relatives of her former owners and officials with the town's Chamber of Commerce are lining up to dispute ownership, the paper reported.

No one's quite sure what happened to Snippy, who was found dead in her pasture in September 1967. According to the Denver Post, the most popular theories involve either alien abduction or teenagers with rifles, depending on who you ask. The alleged lack of blood and hoof prints in the area where the body was found, and the confirmed lack of flesh from the horse's head to withers, only add to the mystery, as do the two .22 bullets in her rump.

But what is certain is Snippy's status as a local legend.

"I'm going to put up a fight to get Snippy," Chamber of Commerce President Debora Goodman told the paper. "She's an icon to this valley. It's important that she stay here and represent that mysterious period in our history."

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