Friday, December 08, 2006

The Lizard Seduction Test (Part 2 of 2)

Sex with the person of your dreams.
Sex with this person who takes

your breath away. Sex
and these nagging doubts. Do you accept or

decline? Do you shrug off your odd doubts
or listen to your heart?


If you accept or decline,
what is your reaction to that?

Are you happy or sad?
Regretful or grateful? Angry or

relieved? The choices you make
with the lizard seduction test

and your reactions to them
are imprinted right in your brain.

From then on in your life, forever,
when you meet a lizard

it can look in your brain
and review the results of your test.

This one test tells the lizards
all they need to know about us.

This test is the passport
to pop culture success in this world

we call ours. This test
is what separates, for instance, people

like Gary Kildall
from people like Bill Gates. And you can’t lie

about the lizard seduction test.
At least not to lizards.

But the fact that a person
really might want to lie is shown

in the brain, too, and that
tells the lizards what they need to know.

Young people: Be on guard!
Old people: Stop complaining that life

doesn’t make sense! The world
and our lives within it are shaped by

the lizard seduction test.
It’s us and them. It’s true. It’s true.

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