Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Lizard Seduction Test (Part 1 of 2)

At some point in everyone’s life
the lizards give them a test.


At some point in everyone’s life
the lizards look in your mind

and determine what you
find physically attractive and what

you find mentally stimulating.
Then the test will begin.

A lizard will appear to you
as a man or a woman

who takes your breath away.
This groovy guy or girl will spend time

with you, do things with you,
relate to you, so that you will see

clearly what’s in front of you.
You will see a fun, attractive

person out of your dreams.
But also there will be clues that all

is not as beat, freak and hippy
as it seems. Little, strange clues.

Weird clues. Bizarre clues.
Like, maybe, the guy or girl will run his

or her fingers through his or her hair
and clumps of hair will come

out, stuck in his or her fingers.
Or, maybe, the guy or girl

will stuff so much food in his or her mouth
that chewed and unchewed

bits fall back onto his or her plate.
There will be oddball clues

and there will be more than one.
In itself, each clue will be fine,

explicable. As a group,
they will not point to anything

you can see. They will not
buzz and flash like a big neon sign

next to your head. But in your heart
you will know that all is not

as it seems with the ginchy guy or girl
in front of you. Then

comes the main part of the test.
The kick-ass fun person in front

of you will make himself or herself
available for sex.


Sex with the person of your dreams.
Sex with this person who takes

your breath away. Sex
and these nagging doubts. Do you accept or

decline? Do you shrug off your odd doubts
or listen to your heart?


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