Wednesday, February 20, 2013

“The Stars From Here: A Puppet Thriller”

Is this a junkyard church, this decay
around us, bricks, steel and broken glass?
Do rusted gears not turning say mass,
is their oxidation how they pray?

In the over-grown pretty field between
the picturesque rubble of the buildings
the old observatory the old church
there’s a stream spanned by a new stonework bridge
and schoolchildren scare themselves with stories
of an ogre that lives under the bridge
and teenagers scare themselves picking flowers
pretty blue flowers that grow next to the bridge
where morning sunlight glistens on the stream
and adults scare themselves crossing the stream
looking down telling each other stories
about what was what is and what will be
before they laugh hold hands and continue
saying “Yes but we built the bridge somehow”
and saying “Yes everything’s pretty now”

The Green Witch
from “Lost Songs of Grendel”

I know it looks dark and empty but
if you press
Play there is something there

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