Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tools For A Bridge Over A Canal On Mars

I said, “I’m thinking of buying some new painting knives.”

She said, “How much do they cost?”

I said, “Some Amazon store has a Liquitex set for eighteen dollars.”

She said, “That’s not very expensive. Why don’t you just buy them?”

I said, “When you add on shipping it’s like, you know, one third of a tank of gas. I think it’s more sensible to save the money for gas.”

She said, “That’s probably true.”

For a moment neither of us said anything.

Then she said, “It’s the twenty-first century. Does the word ‘sensible’ have any application to the context of painting?”

I didn’t say anything.

She said, “If you bought the knives and could paint anything at all, what would you paint?”

I said, “I’d still like to do a portrait of that girl I saw yawning.”

She said, “If you painted something you didn’t have to ask to pose for you, what would you paint?”

I said, “I’d like to take a trip to Los Angeles. Do a landscape of that bridge Tony Scott jumped off of.”

She said, “Do you see my point?”

I smiled, but tucked down the corners of my mouth. But she saw me smile.

I reached over and clicked on the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.

She smiled, and didn’t even bother to tuck down the corners of her mouth.

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