Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Across South America Forever

And everybody knows who they are
In a velvet garden of rhinestone stars
Shining down on me, satin queen,
Overlords of insane scenes
They go dancing across the pages
Of a magazine

“Magazine,” Heart
quoted in Everybody Knows Who They Are

Effective immediately, Alice will no longer be selling her works that are published by Southern Music Company. The entire catalog of Southern Music Company was sold to Keiser Productions, Inc. on June 22, 2012. All of Alice's mallet solos that were originally published by Southern Music Company can now be obtained through Keiser Productions And Sheet Music Plus. Some of these titles include Rain Dance, Marimba Flamenca, and Gitano.

Everybody knows—well, Zappa fans know—
Frank Zappa wrote a song called “Inca Roads”
for marimba player Ruth Underwood.

Nobody knows, of course, why somebody
carved giant insect and animal glyphs
into a South American landscape.

I know I would tear up a magazine
and let the wind blow the crumpled pages
across South America forever.

She knows who she is and I admire that
but only enough to watch the pages
blow in new patterns over the old ones.

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