Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Memories Are White And Yellow Against Green

Sometimes, something happens that seems worth writing about, so then I think about it and think about it but sometimes I never think of anything to write about whatever it was that seemed worth writing about.

Then I either have to abandon the idea and maybe someday come back to it or post about it without any particular focus or idea.

That happened with today’s post.

It seemed like a good idea, but I haven’t been able to think of anything specific to say. So I’m just going to post the basic outline of what struck me as interesting.


This starts with something that happened last year. Not on this exact date, but right around this time of the summer.

All last summer there were beautiful blue wildflowers growing in a lot next to a gas station near here. When poor Amy Winehouse passed away, I photographed the wildflowers and used the image for my post about Amy.

Then just a week or two later, work crews went in and flattened out the lot where the wildflowers had been growing. They never built anything there, just left it as an empty lot. Grass and some plants have grown back, but nothing as beautiful as last year. I posted about those wildflowers getting cut down.

Now this summer I posted that I hadn’t seen any really beautiful or interesting patches of wildflowers.

Then a couple of small patches grew in the narrow lots around the donut shop. I posted about them last Thursday, and then I stood among them Monday evening and got pictures of the young Moon.

“There are small patches of grass next to the donut shop
and sometimes for some reason work crews don’t cut the grass
and patches of wildflowers grow taller than the tall grass
plain white or yellow blooms against the green of the grass.”

Then Tuesday—the day after I stood among the wildflowers and photographed the young Moon—work crews went in and flattened the little lots, cutting down everything.

So two years in a row I’ve written about little out-of-the-way patches of wildflowers and two years in a row work crews have gone in and cleared out the wildflowers.

This can’t be good.

If they don’t already the wildflowers are going to start hating me.

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