Friday, June 29, 2012

Two Women And Lightning Cat

Once I knew two women and someday
I’d like to write a book about one
and in the book I’d tell a story
about a writer who writes a book
about a woman he calls a witch...

Today’s post is basically just an update, but I’ve got a couple of cool little things to go along with the update.

A while ago I mentioned that I was thinking of working on a story about a writer who gets involved with a witch. Well, that is kind of an on-going project for me and one of the things I’m working on is visuals. The woman in the story would be able to control lightning a little bit. So I’ve often wondered what kind of illustrations of lightning I could come up with. What kind of drawings or photographs or stop-motion animation backgrounds.

So today I did an experiment getting some photographs of lightning.

I think everybody has seen cool photos of lighting hitting buildings and famous landmarks. I’ve always wondered how hard it is to capture those kinds of images.

Here are a few images I got tonight. These are all uncropped and unprocessed. If you click on an image you can see it a little better:

I didn’t process these at all, didn’t try to get any special compositions. I was just testing how well my camera would handle the wild changes in luminosity of a lightning strike.

I thought they came out pretty well, especially the last one. I’ll have more about lightning pictures at some point in the future.

And, also at some point in the future, I’ll have more about the story with the writer and the witch and what she can do with lightning.


I have one extra thing for today. If you look closely at those photos above, a very neat thing happened because of the different color bias of lightning and street lights.

The sky and clouds look cool blue and the street in the lower left looks warm brown. What a nice contrast.

And a little action played out on the street this evening. Kind of appropriate action, too, since I was thinking of a story about a witch.

This was unexpected, but now it is a little movie. Watch the lower left of the frame.

It’s Lightning Cat:

(It’s almost as if a scene from a graphic novel were writing itself. The woman involved with witchcraft would travel somewhere as a familiar, as a cat, do something bad with lightning, and then run away. And the graphic novel would capture the action with vivid contrasting colors, frames divided into sharp cool blues and beautiful warm browns. This is all stuff on my to-do list.)

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