Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Real Atlantis And French (Movie) Terror

I once saw a trailer for a movie
set in Scotland where the main character
narrated the set-up of the story
describing her adventure in Scotland
and the camera showed the Scottish landscape
and at one point while the narrator spoke
the camera panned past the rocks of Stonehenge.

The person I was with started giggling.
She pointed. “In movie Scotland,” she said,
“they have Stonehenge. Britain might want that back.”

“Maybe in movie politics,” I said,
“that’s why Britain and Scotland sometimes fight.
They can’t decide who gets to keep Stonehenge.”

The person I was with giggled harder.
She said, “Who gets custody of Stonehenge?
Maybe they fight because no one wants it.
And I wonder—when Scotland gets Stonehenge
does Loch Ness move down to southern Britain?”

I said, “You know someone in movie France,”
is plotting to take Stonehenge and Loch Ness.”

The person I was with laughed but then stopped.
She said, “You know that’s a good idea.
See that’s a terrorist group I could join.
Liberate Stonehenge and Loch Ness. Bring them
both to the Continent where they’ll be safe.”

“What happens to the British Isles?” I asked.

The person I was with giggled again.
“Maybe that’s the real Atlantis,” she said.
“It’s really a story of the future.
When France takes away Stonehenge and Loch Ness
then the British Isles sink into the sea.
The Atlantis myth is foreshadowing.”

“It all fits,” I said. “Everything makes sense.
Well, that is, everything makes movie sense.”

The person I was with leaned against me.
She said, “Movies are better than real life.
At least if you try hard it’s possible
for movies to make sense. Life’s just crazy.”

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