Monday, April 16, 2012

“Sweet Judy Blue Dress” — Atlantis Blue

As I posted last week, a lot has been going on around here lately and I’m trying to keep up, but in general I am just falling behind. And—I guess this always happens—when you start falling behind, new things start popping up so you get even farther behind.

Over the weekend for one reason or another I listened to a great old Stephen Stills song, “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.” He wrote it when he was breaking up with Judy Collins.

So, I heard that beautiful song, and—randomly, just as it happens!—Little Plastic Doll and Rubber Lizard came up with a romantic little video of their own. The music and words have nothing to do with Stephen Stills’ classic, but it does involve a blue dress, so I let Little Plastic Doll do a play on words.

Stephen Stills’ classic is a suite of four songs. The little performance piece Little Plastic Doll and Rubber Lizard came up with is four bars long.

Little Plastic Doll was very happy to have a change of wardrobe and she was very proud of her new blue dress. The lighting on stage wasn’t great, however, so she was a little angry at the cinematographer. But we don’t have a really big budget for these kinds of things. There’s always somebody unhappy with something.

I have some behind-the-scenes stories about the production and maybe I’ll talk about them tomorrow.

Here’s Little Plastic Doll and Rubber Lizard in “Sweet Judy Blue Dress.”

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