Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ghost Of A Different World

That is actress Heather Langenkamp from the film “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.”

Heather Langenkamp as a teenager was the star of Wes Craven’s original “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

In the newer film Heather Langenkamp plays actress “Heather Langenkamp” trying to deal with her experience of Los Angeles reality falling apart and gradually being replaced by the reality from the old film.

Wikipedia characterizes the newer film as a ‘metafilm’ because of the way it juxtaposes fictive elements with actual reality.

In the scene from the screen grab above, “Heather’s” son tells her that a mean old man with knives comes to his room at night. The man lives, her son says, in another place, a place somewhere under his covers, somewhere by the foot of the bed.

“Heather” tells her son there’s nothing under the covers, and crawls under the covers with him. The two of them crawl to the foot of the bed and lift up the covers, revealing only the floor of his bedroom by the foot of his bed. “Heather” looks at her son and says, “Look. See?” Her son is unfazed, and simply tells her, “It’s different when you’re gone.”

I love that.

“It’s different when you’re gone.”

I wonder about things like that. I really do. What a great scene.

Is the world we are in when we are with someone we love the same world we are in when we are alone?

I don’t know.

Is the world we are in when we are looking straight ahead the same world we are in if we stop, turn and look behind us?

I don’t know.

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