Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mixed Signals

Last night a black cat walked across my path.

I’ve never seen any stray cats around here and now the first cat I do see is a black cat at night walking across my path.

This morning I made a hard-boiled egg along with my normal breakfast and the egg turned out to be a double yolk.


Yesterday’s post was my 900th post at Impossible Kisses.

900 is a nice round number and I considered stopping Impossible Kisses and moving on to other things.

But one thousand is an even rounder number. And I’ve still got some things I want to write and draw and play here.

So I’m not shutting down Impossible Kisses.

But this cat and egg business have me worried.

Sometimes the universe speaks to you.

Last night the universe whispered one thing to me and then whispered something completely different this morning.


The universe is a beautiful woman and I am nervous.

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