Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mischievous Girls: A Paragraph Re-Write

One tricky part of blogging is that it is a day-to-day activity.

Although some of the stories and poems I put up are things I’d written a long time ago (indeed this blog itself, “Impossible Kisses,” takes its name and topic from the title and topic of an unpublished novel I wrote a decade ago), most of what I put up is material I write the day I put it up or the night before.

Little things, however, sometimes slip past my awareness. I don’t want to go back and change, edit, material that’s already up, so mostly I just live with a glitch here or there.

However yesterday’s post, “Mischievous Girls—Hard Times,” contains a ‘structural’ error that bugs me and caused me to not put in some interesting references I certainly should have included.

So today’s post is just a re-write of yesterday’s fourth paragraph.

Yesterday, in my mind I was mainly interested in the similarities and differences between Lindsay Lohan and Victorine Meurent.

I also mentioned the 60s as a comparable time to Meurent’s. The 60s were a time when women who liked music could hang out with musicians who were playing a very active role in shaping pop culture. However, instead of referencing specific examples of such women from the 60s, I simply brought up today’s examples of such women—Britney, Lindsay and Paris—and hot-linked to them.

That fourth paragraph from yesterday’s post should have looked something like this:

Two generations ago in America a Mischievous Girl who liked music—Pamela Des Barres, Cynthia Albritton, Linda Eastman, so many others!—could hang out with guys like Jim Morrison, Jimmy Page, Todd Rundgren, Frank Zappa or so many other energetic, talented guys from that sub-culture who were really contributing to the much larger pop culture around them.

That’s better.

I actually lost a little sleep last night, I was so annoyed I wrote that paragraph the way I did and wondering what I should do about it...

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