Monday, July 09, 2007

Catholic Apologetics International

Right now, my absolute favorite tin-foil wacky fringe conspiracy theory is that of Robert Sungenis and his promotion of the geocentric belief, the belief that the Earth is essentially stationary at the center of the universe and everything in the heavens revolves around us. Sungenis also believes that when mainstream science promotes a more typical view of the heavens, that more accepted view is not so much science at work, but rather an attack on the Catholic faith.

Now, the internet is full of oddballs and oddball beliefs. But Sungenis is not some anonymous internet oddball who lives with his mother and gets on the internet using free computers at his local library. [coughs] Sungenis has a doctorate in theology, consults actively with scientists, and has published quite a few reasonably erudite books on Catholic doctrine. (However, it’s worth noting that in the grand tradition of internet oddballery, the “news feed” section of the website of Catholic Apologetics International features links to Lew Rockwell [!] and anti-Israel USS Liberty activists [!] and just about every anti-Jewish conspiracy theory that crosses any wire service, mainstream or otherwise.)

Is the Earth motionless at the center of the universe? Have three or four hundred years of mainstream science been a vast conspiracy theory against right-thinking Catholics?

I don’t think so.

But it’s fun to speculate about it and I’m going to devote a few days this week to this topic. Today is just the introduction.

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