Thursday, January 11, 2007

Real Mainstream Professional Publishing #3

Operating as Black Canary II, Dinah had a string of solo adventures before helping to found the Justice League of America, a team directly inspired by the then-retired JSA. During her exploits with the JLA, Black Canary began a passionate romance with GREEN ARROW Oliver McQueen, whom she still loves even though they have parted.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia,” p. 44

Hmmm. The GREEN ARROW may be as cool as Steve McQueen, but as real fans know (in fact, even casual fans know, too, thanks to season six of Smallville), the GREEN ARROW’s real name is Oliver Queen, not Oliver McQueen.

Don’t real writers re-read their manuscript before sending it to an editor?

Don’t real editors know the basic background of the book they’re putting together?

Don’t real publishers have proofreaders on the payroll?

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