Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Keys With Their Baffling Variety Of Curves

I have a lifelong predilection for the sinuous. Wandering paths and rivulets have always attracted me more than major roadways or straightforward rivers. Lakes seem pleasanter places to bathe than swimming pools. Curving staircases hold more promise of revelation. I would always choose the swelling curve of a lightbulb over a fluorescent tube, and I curtain my rooms, avoiding the severe charm of venetion blinds. Arabic numerals won out over Roman not only because of their brevity, but also because of their form. My clocks have rotating hands and point at real numbers, not the numbers counterfeited out of straight lines by digital clocks. I like keys with their baffling variety of curves more than key-cards. The straight-edged ruler impressed me as a child, but the discovery of the french curve eclipsed its appeal. Bamboo is nice, but trees offer more profound satisfactions.

I think this volume will appeal to those with similar enthusiasms.

Edward St. Paige

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