Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Impossible Kisses: I Thought It Was Wood

Part 2 of 4

It couldn’t be there.
I know it couldn’t be there.
But, still, I saw it.

I thought it was wood.
Or a ten foot clump of weeds.
Then it raised its head.

A small head, long neck.
It looked at me. Its back heaved,
and it looked away.

Not looking at me,
the thing swam in front of me
then slowly submerged.

But the lake, I found,
was only thirty feet deep.
And just a mile wide.

With vacation homes
along the entire shoreline
how could monsters hide?

No large animal
could live in the little lake
and remain hidden.

But this creature did.
Except for when I saw it.
And I did see it.

A lake monster in
a Wisconsin panfish lake.
Impossible thing.

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