Friday, January 25, 2013

Dailies For “Creatures Of Doctor Tina”

Sometimes I begin a post by saying I have almost nothing. Not today!

Today I have something special, something I’ve never done before.

A couple of days ago in “A Certain Loss Of Magic” I talked very briefly about the phrase “dailies” in the film business. Today is an example of dailies. Today I’ve got the first few scenes captured—unedited raw footage!—for “Creatures of Doctor Tina” which is in-production.

I described this project yesterday in Media Angst. When I finish filming and assemble the audio tracks and edit everything together, this little stop-motion film will be a kind of concluding chapter to these two earlier posts:

A Ladybug Looking Out At Winter

Naming Things

First, some notes.

1) I am shooting out-of-continuity. These scenes are in no special order. The scenes here will get edited and rearranged to fit the final stop-motion film. And there are still scenes left to shoot.

2) I haven’t put in the any of the actual audio tracks yet. No dialogue yet. The sound for these clips is just a temp track.

3) The music here for this temp track on the raw footage is called “Overture to Ladybug Alone In Winter” and it is a pretend orchestra piece. It’s not good pretend orchestra, but it is my first attempt at such stuff.

When the stop-motion video gets put into final form I believe I will be removing all this pretend orchestra stuff and replacing it with more contemporary sounds. I especially want to use classic science fiction sounds. But this was fun to experiment with. And—I don’t know—I may keep a variation of this as something like an actual overture above the credits or something. Time will tell.

Okay. So here’s a short video with some scenes of dailies, raw footage with a temp audio track, from “Creatures of Doctor Tina.” The video has six little unedited clips:

1) ladybug at a dark window

2) ladybug at a keyboard (not playing)

3) ladybug at a light window

4) ladybug at a wall phone

5) Doctor Tina’s Lab (dark take 1)

6) ladybug at a gray scarf and a green scarf

I’ve got a couple more scenes to film, and then I have to arrange the dialogue, the sound effects and the music and edit everything together.

But the project is moving along.

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