Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Song For A Dawn Chorus (And Breakfast)

A man
Standing at a window
Looking at the birds
Listening to them sing


The man turned away from the window and looked at the woman.

He said, “Suppose you knew how the dinosaurs were going to come back. Would you tell anyone?”

She didn’t smile, but he saw her, for a moment, press her lips together to stop from smiling.

She asked, “Are the dinosaurs coming back?”

He did smile. Then he looked back at the birds for a second and then back at the woman.

“I thought they would come back, somehow, through the birds,” he said. “Remember that scientist doing genetic experiments with chickens?”

“Jack Horner?” the woman asked.

The man nodded. “I felt sure the dinosaurs would somehow come back through the birds.”

“But they won’t?” the woman asked, letting herself smile a little, too.

The man said, “Suppose you knew how the dinosaurs were going to come back. Would you tell anyone?”

The woman giggled.

She said, “Probably not. I think I might keep it to myself.”

The man laughed, too. He took the woman’s hand.

He said, “Come on. Let’s go get breakfast.”

A Loose End Addendum:

Back in January I did a post about my new calendar for this year.

Song Birds And Bird Songs And Songs

It was all birds. And I talked about how I was going to use birdsong related themes to start listening to more classical music. That idea both worked out and didn’t at the same time.

The first person I became interested in was Olivier Messiaen and—holy cow!—it was hard to read about anyone else once I started reading about him.

Songs A Husband Heard

A Process Of Passages

Just learning about Messiaen pretty much fulfilled my whole year of classical music listening.

So, anyway, I’m going to look around for another bird calendar for 2013 and keep that general idea alive, using birdsong themes for classical music. If I ever move on from Messiaen.

And just to wrap up this calendar topic, here is the December page of my current calendar. It’s a robin. Now around here robins are big and look nothing like this. But I’ve looked around the internet and there are robins that look like this. I didn’t look around for details, but I think I saw that European robins—at least, and maybe others—look exactly like this. Very, very pretty, but then I really like the color orange.

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