Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Somewhere Between Atlantis And Los Angeles

A few months ago I mentioned that Cynthia Rothrock was designing clothing with Don Wilson. That stuff has come to market, and can be purchased at Traditionz.

Just to wrap this up as a topic, and very briefly start on another, I’ve mentioned Cynthia Rothrock in three posts:

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And since I don’t think I’m ever going to mention Cynthia Rothrock again after today, I’m going to take this opportunity to use Cynthia Rothrock so I can write this:

Here, that is, wherever we’re at right now,
somewhere between Atlantis from the past
and the Los Angeles of the future,
I’ve probably incurred a karmic debt
just because I’ve typed the name ‘Taylor Swift’
more times than I’ve typed ‘Cynthia Rothrock.’

I have no desire to meet Taylor Swift
because I’m afraid she’d just stare at me.

That’s happened enough to me in my life.

I don’t want to meet Cynthia Rothrock
because I’m afraid at some point she’d say
she secretly likes Taylor Swift’s music.

That’s happened more than enough to me, too.

But if I had to meet one of the two
I’d much rather meet Cynthia Rothrock
because I’d like to get her opinion
of the different ways Asians interpret
‘hard’ versus ‘soft’ both as philosophies
and as practical techniques for striking
compared to Western interpretations.

But I would approach our conversation
like a street fight and control my center
and watch our distance and watch her timing
and if the topic of music came up
I’d deliver a feint, break off, and run.

I’ve looked around and I’d rather try work
than have Taylor Swift stuff happen to me.

JILL ROBERTS: “I mean, what am I supposed to do? Go to college? Grad school? Work? Look around. We all live in public now. We’re all on the Internet. How do you think people become famous anymore? You don’t have to achieve anything. You just got to have fucked-up shit happen to you.”

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