Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Weather (Or Not)

As I type this it is Tuesday night and I’m about to eat dinner. I just looked at the local radar and this is what I saw:

Looks like a pretty big storm. Looks intense.

But when I click on the prediction button that attempts to show the next six hours, the Weather Channel prediction algorithm shows this entire storm breaking up before it moves down from the north side of Chicago to the south side.

The next few hours will be an interesting test of technology.

I mean, the “orange” and “yellow” intense areas of the storm stretch all the way from Iowa, across Illinois and into Lake Michigan. It doesn’t really look like the kind of weather system that will just break up before it travels, say, twenty five miles.

My indoor/outdoor thermometer says it is 81 degrees here. I just checked outside. There is no wind, and although there is a high haze there are no clouds.

The Moon is blurred by the haze, but easily visible through trees:

In fact, if I zoom in through the trees and manually select a fast shutter speed, the high haze is barely enough to blur the image of the waning Moon:

I don’t know. The radar image looks pretty intense. But the prediction algorithm says the storm will disappear.

I’m not seeing anything in real life other than a reasonably pretty Moon.

Maybe in an hour or two the sky will be ripped apart. I don’t know. I’ll find out in an hour or two.

If the Moon knows, the Moon isn’t telling.

(I’ll keep track of this tonight. However it works out, I’ll give it some thought and do another post on this same topic tomorrow. Unless the sky gets ripped apart permanently, I mean. Then we’ll all have other things on our minds tomorrow. But that might be fun, too. Exciting waveforms redux.)

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