Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Damsels And Werewolves

A few days ago over in the pop culture world some stupid people engaged in some stupid behavior.

Here in the internet world at an intermittently cool site (that’s often partly cloudy) a beautiful, smart woman ridiculed the stupid people and mocked their stupid behavior.

The beautiful, smart woman and I exchanged email about the stupid people and her ridicule of them.

I defended the stupid people by pointing out yes, they were stupid and yes, their behavior was stupid but both the stupid people and their behavior were shaped by a philosophy that was comprehensive and consistent. I eventually got around to saying that stupid people and stupid behavior were “better”—in some ill-defined cosmic sense of the word “better”—than smart people and smart behavior if the stupid people and their stupid behavior were shaped by a comprehensive and consistent philosophy while the smart people and their smart behavior were shaped by an arbitrary and unfocused philosophy.

Because philosophy matters.

The beautiful, smart woman scored a big WIN over me by replying:




Yeah. Well. Luckily this weekend will be a full Moon. I will be able to take out my frustrations by turning into a werewolf and running through the village and terrifying everybody.

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