Monday, June 02, 2008


A woman I know named Ruth—a friend of my mom—once asked me if I considered myself a lucky guy. I said I did. Then I thought about that for a second and added, “Of course, I don’t have much to show for my luck . . .”

Ruth thought that was pretty funny.


Well, really, I do have some things to show for my luck. I have manuscripts for seven novels, all still, sadly, unpublished. I have manuscripts for many short stories, poems and drawings, all still, sadly also, unpublished.

But a writer’s job is to write. Everything else is in the lap of the gods.

I did my part. I got the writing done.


And I have two years and some months of this blog, Impossible Kisses.

I want to thank everyone who has stopped in to read the blog. I especially want to thank everyone who has added comments to the blog. Thank you all for participating. This has been widly fun, far more fun than I ever anticipated.


Out there—in the real world—all sorts of things are changing around me.

Tomorrow might be the same as today. I might be back with a normal post.

Or this blog may be going on hiatus for a while.

Or this blog may be setting into the evening twilight, dropping over the western horizon in an orbit—so to speak—that will not bring it around to rise again in the east.

I don’t know.



     My friend Trixie has rocks in her head.
     They are more beautiful than gemstones,
     more beautiful than colorful stars,
     more beautiful than the magic things
     the ancients wrote of in fairy tales.

     My friend Trixie has rocks in her head.
     I’m beguiled, completely befuddled.
     Forever—just like in fairy tales!—
     I will remember my friend’s magic.

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