Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day!

We've had a few inches of snow here south of Chicago and that wrecks everybody's schedule. Mine, too.

The post regularly scheduled for today will appear Monday. It will be a pencil cartoon. (Also, maybe, a pen drawing as well. I'm still thinking about it.)

Today's post will be the blog's first re-run! But first some behind-the-scenes chatter.

This is actually the second time I've changed my schedule for today.

When I'd finally decided to put up "Lost Pieces" on Monday, I'd intended to end the week with a kind of/sort of follow up. But I changed my plans when a couple of reasonably pleasant, unexpected things happened during the week. Normally when people tell me "Don't worry" it scares me and makes me worry more. But there is a very small number of people whose voice actually does calm me down, even when the voice is e-mail text. I'm very happy such people are around.

So, that originally scheduled post for today will appear later in the year. Maybe.

Okay. On to the re-run. This post, in a slightly different form, first went up early last year. But it's one of my favorite songs and it fits pretty well with a week that was mostly about astronomy.

Have you seen the stars tonight?

Would you like to go up on A deck

And look at them with me?

Have you seen the stars tonight?

Would you like to go up for a stroll

And keep me company?

Do you know

We can go

We are free . . .

Any place

We can dream of

We can be . . .

Have you seen the stars tonight?

Have you looked at all

Around this room of stars?

Blows Against The Empire

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